ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 383
Administrator The office manager or IS professional responsible for installing and
configuring the system.
All Trunks Busy The situation in which a user tries to make an outside call through a
telephone system and receives a “fast” busy signal (twice as many as normal in the same
amount of time), indicating that no trunks are available to handle the call.
API Application programming interface; software that an application program uses to
request and carry out lower-level services performed by the computer’s or telephone
system’s operating system. For Windows, the API also helps applications manage windows,
menus, icons, and other graphical user interface elements.
Automated Attendant A device that answers callers with a recording and allows callers to
route themselves to an extension; also called an auto-attendant.
BOOTP Boot Protocol, a standard protocol for assigning networking information to client
workstations over the network; similar to but less sophisticated than DHCP.
Call Control The dynamic, transactional servicing of calls, usually via a graphical user
interface with call information. For example, an attendant can use a GUI application to
transfer calls based on CallerID information.
Call Handling The predetermined, preconfigured features for servicing incoming calls in
order to obtain certain expected results. Examples of call handling features include call
forwarding on busy, call forwarding on no answer, and do not disturb.
Call Handling Mode A set of telephony and call handling features that are enabled depending
on the business conditions of the user (for example, in the office or out of the office). Call
handling modes, which are enabled manually by the user, include features such as call
forwarding on busy, call forwarding on no answer, and the selection of the voice mail
greeting to use for a particular mode.
Call History The visual records in ShoreWare Desktop, documenting all incoming and
outgoing calls to the user’s extension.
Call Notification A set of features that inform the user of the arrival of a new call, such as
ringing the telephone or playing a sound on the workstation speakers.
Call Routing A methodology of delivering calls to destinations based on a situation or
system status. Call routing can also refer to the automatic delivery of an incoming call to a
particular extension, such as in DID or dedicated CO lines.
Call Stack The list of calls in ShoreWare Desktop associated with an extension, including
active calls and calls that have been put on hold or are being managed in some other way by
the user.
Call Waiting Usually for single-line telephones, a feature that lets a second call arrive to the
line by delivering a call-waiting tone to the user and a ring-back to the caller.
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