ShoreGear-24 Connectors Chapter H: ShoreGear IPBX Voice Switches
H.2 ShoreGear-24 Connectors
The ShoreGear-24 voice switch (Figure H-1) contains the following components:
1 3.5 mm mono connector for audio input (music on hold)
1 3.5 mm mono connector for audio output (overhead paging and night bell)
1 DB-9 female connector for maintenance
1 RJ-45 connector for the LAN interface
24 RJ-11 connectors for the trunk and telephone ports:
8 universal telephone/trunk ports (Ports 1 through 8)
16 telephone ports (Ports 9 through 24)
Power fail transfer (between Ports 8 and 9)
1 RJ-21X male connector for mass termination of the telephone/trunk ports.
Figure H-1 ShoreGear-24 Connectors and LEDs
Port LEDs
Audio Input Port
Audio Output Port
(paging/night bell)
Trunk/Telephone Ports
(RJ-21X male)
LAN Port (RJ-45)
Power LED
Trunk/Telephone Ports
Maintenance Port
(DB-9 Female)
Power Fail
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