Chapter 2: System Overview Integrated Applications
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 19
For specific information about the supported capacity for workgroups on the ShoreTel 8
system, see Table 2-2 on page 30. For more information about configuring overflow and
interflow, please see the “Configuring Workgroups” chapter in the ShoreTel 8
Administration Guide.
2.7.6 Pickup Groups
Pickup Groups are a traditional PBX and key system feature used in group environments to
allow users in a pickup group to answer any ringing phone in that group. The feature
works best in places where a several people work together on a daily basis, such as design
firms. If a group member is away from her desk and across the room while her phone rings,
she can quickly answer the call from another IP phone by pressing the relevant soft key or
programmable button, or by using a simple (feature code) star command from an analog
Pickup groups can include the following types of extensions:
User extensions
Workgroup extensions
Bridged Call Appearance (BCA) extensions
Office Anywhere extensions
For more information on configuring Pickup Groups, please refer to the ShoreTel 8
Administration Guide.
2.7.7 Queue Monitor
The ShoreWare Queue Monitor is embedded in the Agent and Supervisor Call Manager
client software. The Queue Monitor allows agents and supervisors to monitor business-
critical queue statistics and information in real time.
For agents belonging to multiple workgroups, the Queue Monitor displays queue
information for all workgroups of which the agent is a member.
2.7.8 Agent Monitor
The ShoreWare Agent Monitor provides workgroup supervisors with a real-time view on
call center activity. The Agent Monitor shows status information for agents in all the
workgroups of which the supervisor is a member, including the agent’s login state (logged
in, logged out, in wrap-up mode), current call activity, and current call duration.
2.7.9 Directory Viewer
Directory Viewer is a convenient phone book of system and personal contacts for anyone
who does not use Microsoft Outlook. Users can view contacts, change contact information,
and initiate calls from the viewer.
2.7.10 History Viewer
Available through Call Manager, the History Viewer displays a detailed log of both
incoming and outgoing calls. Users can search the history for phone numbers of past
callers. For each call, the History Viewer displays the source or destination number, the
start time, and duration.
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