Chapter 2: System Overview Integrated Applications
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 17
2.7.2 Voice Mail
The integrated voice mail application provides automated call answering, voice mail
recording, and message playback. Since voice mail is simply a software application, there
are no “port” or “storage” limitations as in traditional voice mail systems. To reduce WAN
bandwidth utilization, the voice mail application can be distributed across the IP network.
Each mailbox supports five call handling modes (including Standard, In a Meeting, Out of
the Office, Extended Absence, and Custom), each with its own greeting. Each mailbox also
provides message notification to an extension, external number (cell phone), or pager.
Find Me forwarding and Auto Find Me forwarding allow calls to be forwarded from the
voice mail greeting to up to two numbers. If the call is not accepted at either of the Find Me
destinations, the call is returned to voice mail.
The Auto-delete by Number of Days feature allows a system administrator to set a
maximum time limit, (ranging from a month to several years) for the storage of voice mail
messages. The tool can be used to encourage users to better manage their voice mailboxes.
When the feature is enabled and a user has old messages that are approaching the
expiration time limit, the user will receive warning messages indicating that those voice
mail messages will be deleted.
The Mailbox Full Notifications feature lets users know when their mailbox has approached
the maximum capacity. The system sends users a notice informing them that their mailbox
is almost full and that there is only enough room for 10 additional messages. Each time
users log into voice mail, they will receive the notification telling them how much space
remains. In this way, mailbox owners are given adequate notice that they must clean up
their mailboxes and they are not caught off-guard by an unexpected (and unwanted)
“mailbox full” notification.
Escalation Notification is a traditional voice mail feature that allows support groups to offer
round-the-clock service to their customers. Thus, if a customer calls into the ShoreTel
voice mail system to leave a message requesting urgent service, the system will send out a
page, phone call, or email to an employee in the support department. If this first employee
were to ignore the notification for a specified period of time, another employee in the
escalation profile would be contacted until someone listens to the customer's voice mail
and handles the problem.
For details on configuring any of these voice mail features, please refer to the ShoreTel 8
Administration Guide.
For specific information about the supported capacity for voice mail on the ShoreTel 8
system, see Table 2-2 on page 30.
2.7.3 Automated Attendant
The integrated automated attendant application provides automated call answering and call
redirection, including dialing by name and dialing by number. As with voice mail, there are
no “port” limitations such as exist in traditional systems. The automated attendant
application is distributed across all the application servers when multiple servers are
provisioned. All menus are available locally at every server. Calls directed to the automated
attendant at a site with a server are handled by the local server.
Each automated attendant (AA) menu supports up to four different modes (On-Hours, Off-
Hours, Holiday, and Custom) that can be automatically driven by schedules. In addition,
users can record AA menu prompts from their own telephone, instead of having to go
through ShoreWare Director. This ability frees the system administrator from having to be
involved with the task of recording AA menus, allowing him or her to delegate the task to
more appropriate team members.
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