Integrated Applications Chapter 2: System Overview
reach the users at that site using PSTN failover (as long as the destination site has trunks to
accept the PSTN calls). This limitation has the biggest impact for small offices that do not
have a local ShoreWare server.
2.6.6 Distributed CDR
In the event of a WAN outage, Call Detail Record (CDR) data is stored for up to two hours
on the distributed server.. When WAN connectivity is restored, the stored data is forwarded
to the Headquarters Server’s database. After two hours, the distributed server deletes the
data and logs an error to the local server’s NT event log.
2.7 Integrated Applications
The ShoreTel 8 system includes a suite of applications that are integrated with the system.
These applications (which are discussed in the following sections) include:
Account Codes
Voice Mail
Automated Attendant
Hunt Groups
Pickup Groups
Queue Monitor
Agent Monitor
Directory Viewer
History Viewer
Call Detail Recording
Desktop Call Control Service
Unified Messaging Service
TAPI-compliant, third-party applications can also be added on a distributed server. Such
servers should have no voice mail users.
2.7.1 Account Codes
An Account Codes Collection Service (ACC) allows assignment of account codes or
activity codes to outbound calls. The system supports account codes that can vary in length
and format. Account code collection is enabled on a per-user group basis with the
collection of account codes set to one of three states: disabled, optional, or forced. Call
Detail Reports include details of the account codes associated with outbound calling. The
Account Codes Service is associated with a configurable extension and has a dedicated user
group that defines ultimate call permissions and trunk group access. In addition, wildcard
characters can be used in place of any DTMF digit in the account code. The use of
wildcards introduces less strict validation of the account code entered by the user. Rather
than checking each individual code, with the introduction of wildcards, a length check is
performed. The wildcard allows the system to support far more than the previous limit of
50,000 codes.
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