Switch Models Chapter G: ShoreGear Switches
ShoreGear 220T1 (SG 220T1)
ShoreGear 220T1A (SG 220T1A)
ShoreGear T1k (SG T1k)
ShoreGear 220E1 (SG 220E1)
G.1.2 ShoreGear 1-U Full Width Voice Switches
The ShoreGear 1-U Full Width Switch family includes five models that support analog, IP,
SIP, T1, and E1 voice data streams. Full width switch models can be stacked or mounted
directly into a standard 19-inch equipment rack. These switches are all 1 RU and have an
RJ21X connector for connection to analog phones and trunks. They also feature redundant
Ethernet LAN connections for greater availability and reliability.
ShoreGear 1-U Full Width Voice Switch models include:
ShoreGear 120 (SG 120) – also referred to as ShoreGear 120/24 (SG 120/24)
ShoreGear 60 (SG 60) – also referred to as ShoreGear 60/12 (SG 60/12)
ShoreGear 40 (SG 48) – also referred to as ShoreGear 40/8 (SG 40/8)
ShoreGear T1 (SG T1)
ShoreGear E1 (SG E1)
ShoreGear 24A (SG 24A)
G.1.3 ShoreGear IPBX Voice Switches
The ShoreGear IPBX Switch family is the earliest ShoreGear switch design. Although
ShoreTel no long markets IPBX switches, existing switches are supported and can be used
in a ShoreTel network configuration. IPBX switches are full width and varying heights,
depending on the switch model.
ShoreGear IPBX Voice Switch models include:
ShoreGear 24 (IPBX 24) Voice Switch (2 RU)
ShoreGear 12 (IPBX 12) Voice Switch (1.5 RU)
ShoreGear Teleworker (IPBX TW) Voice Switch (1.5 RU)
ShoreGear T1 (IPBX T1) Voice Switch (1.5 RU)
ShoreGear E1 (IPBX E1) Voice Switch (1.5 RU)
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