Chapter F: Session Initiation Protocol Configuration
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 299
To configure the outbound options for this trunk group:
Step 1 Continue scrolling down to display a window similar to the one below:
Step 2 Enter the appropriate trunk access code for this trunk group in the Access
Code field. This is typically “9” in the U.S. and Canada.
Step 3 Enter the local area code for this trunk group in the Local Area Code field.
Step 4 Select the Local check box to enable local calls.
Step 5 Select the Long Distance check box to enable long-distance calls.
Step 6 Select the International check box to enable international calls.
Step 7 Select the n11 check box to enable telephone service calls, such as directory
assistance (e.g., 411 or 611, but not 911, which is specified below.)
Step 8 Select the 911 check box to enable emergency 911 calls.
You must have at least one trunk group per site that allows 911 calls.
Figure F-3 Creating a SIP trunk group (outbound configurations)
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