ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 287
ShoreWare Clients on Citrix and
Windows Terminal Servers
This appendix describes how to configure Citrix and Windows Terminal Servers to run
ShoreTel’s Call Manager clients.
E.1 Overview
Windows Terminal Server (WTS) and Citrix technologies can dramatically reduce
management overhead in environments where many users use the same set of applications
on similar PC desktops. These technologies allow you to centralize applications and
simplify application management and upgrades. Additionally, these technologies allow you
to remotely assist and support users with application questions or issues.
This appendix provides information specific to running ShoreWare clients. For complete
information on Windows Terminal Server or Citrix technologies, see the documentation
available online at the Microsoft or Citrix Web sites.
E.2 Installing Call Manager on WTS or Citrix
Before the client version of the ShoreTel Remote TAPI Service Provider can function
correctly on Windows Terminal Server or Citrix platforms, you must perform the following
Step 1 Install ShoreWare client as described in Chapter 18, starting on page 231.
Step 2 Reboot if requested.
Step 3 Go to the Windows Control Panel and open the Phone and Modem
Options>Advanced tab as shown in Figure E-1
Step 4 Remove all ShoreTel providers.
Step 5 Copy the following file “TspInstall.exe” from the headquarters machine
(Program Files > Shoreline Communications > ShoreWare Server) to the Citrix
terminal server. We recommend copying the file to the following location:
c:\program files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Client\
Step 6 From the Citrix terminal server, launch the command prompt by clicking on
the Start bar and selecting Run and typing cmd.
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