Manually Configuring the ShorePhone-IP100 Chapter C: IP Phone Configuration
During the boot process, the phone displays an option to enter the setup menu by pressing
one of the soft keys (see Figure C-2). To enter the setup menu, press the soft key below
SETUP on the display.
You are prompted for a password. Enter 456 from the keypad.
After you have made your IP parameter settings, you must reboot the phone.
C.1.2 Navigating the Phone Menu
You can navigate the ShorePhone-IP100 phone menu interface using the IP phone keys
shown in Figure C-2.
Table C-1 explains the functions of these keys.
Figure C-1 Reboot Keys on the ShorePhone-IP100
Figure C-2 Menu Keys
Middle Blank Key
Vol +, Vol -
Scroll and Select
Soft Keys
Alphanumeric Keys
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