ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 277
IP Phone Configuration
ShoreTel IP phones are preconfigured by ShoreTel to work in conjunction with your
ShoreTel 8 system and your network’s Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
server. Once the servers are configured, you simply plug the phones into the network and
they are automatically added to your ShoreTel 8 system.
The ShoreTel server provides the IP phones with the latest application software and the
configuration information that enables the IP phone to be automatically added to the
ShoreTel 8 system. The ShoreTel server’s address must be provided to the phone as a vendor-
specific option.
For information on configuring DHCP for the IP phones, see Section 9.7 on page 113 and
Section 15.3.5 on page 210.
However, if you are installing ShorePhone IP phones in a network without a DHCP server,
you must set the IP parameters manually through the phone interface.
C.1 Manually Configuring the ShorePhone-IP100
The setup menu is accessible when the ShorePhone-IP100 phone boots. You can enter this
menu during a six-second period, after which the phone enters normal operation using the
current settings.
Please check the ShoreCare website for Product Bulletin ST-0201 End of Life
documentation for this model.
C.1.1 Rebooting the ShorePhone-IP100
There are two ways to reboot the ShorePhone-IP100:
By reapplying power
By pressing four of the phone’s keys simultaneously
The IP phone reboots whenever power is reapplied. You can accomplish this by
disconnecting the power cable momentarily and then reconnecting it.
You can also reboot the ShorePhone-IP100 by pressing four keys simultaneously. The four
keys (as illustrated in Figure C-1) are:
Middle Blank Key
Volume –
Volume +
Hold down these keys until the display shows that the ShorePhone-IP100 phone is
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