Cut-Over Implementation Chapter 19: Cut-Over
19.2.3 Cut-Over Coverage
There are two aspects to cut-over coverage:
The team involved with planning the ShoreTel 8 system must be on site before,
during, and after cut-over.
Appropriate coverage must be scheduled to monitor the newly installed ShoreTel 8
system for errors and last-minute configuration changes, and to help end-users
with any questions they might have. ShoreTel recommends that you have support
personnel on site before the first users arrive, to ensure that the system is
functional and that telephone calls are processed properly.
19.3 Cut-Over Implementation
Once planning is completed, it is time to bring the ShoreTel 8 system into service. Use the
checklists in this section to implement the cut-over, starting with the top-level checklist
19.3.1 Basic Cut-Over Checklist
19.3.2 Trunking Cut-Over
For existing trunking, use the cut-over worksheets to identify the trunks that are used from
the old system (if applicable), and terminate them on the voice switches. Use a test
telephone to dial in and out of each trunk, verify that it routes to the correct location, and
listen closely to the voice quality.
When preparing new trunks for installation, use the following checklist.
When all of the trunks have been tested, have the telephone company’s tester open the
trunk group, and allow the callers to use the new trunks.
Description Completed
Complete the tasks listed on the basic cut-over checklist.
Cut-over and test all trunks.
Cut-over and test the remaining devices (telephone, fax machines, modems, and so on).
Confirm the cut-over coverage.
Table 19-2 Cutover Implementation Checklist
Description Completed
Secure the telephone company’s contact names, telephone numbers, and pager numbers for testing.
Set up a command center to support cut-over activities.
Ensure that copies of the floor plans and cut-over worksheets are available.
Secure access to building and office areas that require ShoreGear voice switch telephones.
Ensure that a telephone is installed next to the ShoreGear voice switch for testing.
Ensure that music-on-hold is installed and tested.
Record and test the auto-attendant greeting for on-hours and off-hours.
Test all telephones.
Test paging and night bell features, if applicable.
Table 19-3 Basic Cut-Over Checklist
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