Chapter 18: Desktop Installation User Licensing
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 243
These new choices allow users to request a phone extension license without having to
purchase a mailbox at the same time. This additional flexibility may be helpful in situations
where a fax machine, a modem, or a lobby phone is desired and a mailbox for voice mail
was not needed. Similarly, users can purchase a mailbox without having to purchase a
phone extension.
Earlier releases of the ShoreTel product offered Single Site and Multi-Site Enterprise license
keys. In this release, the Single Site key is no longer available. For existing users, the Single
Site key can still be used and will be renamed as a “Single Site Extension and Mailbox”
license. Previous Multi-Site Enterprise keys become “Extension and Mailbox” licenses.
18.8.1 Purchasing User Licenses
Each user must be configured with one of those three license types. A license must be
purchased for each user, based upon the needs of that user. To see if an installation is in
compliance with the number of licenses purchased, all Extension-Only, Mailbox-Only, and
Mailbox-and-Extension users are counted and compared against the sum of the licenses
Extension and mailbox: Purchase of this license entitles the user to be assigned to
both a physical extension and a ShoreTel mailbox.
Extension-only: Purchase of this license entitles the user to be assigned to a
physical extension, either via explicit assignment or via Office Anywhere.
Mailbox-only: Purchase of this license allows the user to be assigned to a ShoreTel
voice mail-box.
18.8.2 Language Licenses
ShoreTel 8 supports Spanish, UK English, French, and German languages in addition to US
English (which will remain the default language for new installations). One or more
languages can be running at a site by purchasing a language license.
If only one language is needed at a single site, there is no need to purchase a language
license. If Spanish or German is selected, the default language (English) must be disabled.
For instructions on configuring the User Licenses or Language Licenses via Director, please
refer to the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide.
18.8.3 License Control
License Control adds enforcement and branding to the ShoreTel product and provides
tighter enforcement (via MAC address-based node locking) on existing licensing. When an
existing ShoreTel system is upgraded to the current software release, an enforcement
scheme requires entry of a system key.
When launching ShoreWare Director, you are asked to enter either a Small Business Edition
(SBE) or Enterprise Edition (EE) key (see below for details on the differences between
these two). You can request a key online via Director. If an invalid key is entered or if the
field is left empty, you will be allowed to log into the system but an expiration time bomb
will be activated, and you will be nagged to comply with the license requirements. If no
action is taken within the 45-day grace period, ShoreWare Director will be locked and you
will be unable to make any configuration changes to the system (although the phones will
continue to work).
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