Upgrade Procedures Chapter 18: Desktop Installation
To set the option under Memorized Phone Number Management:
Step 1 In the Memorized Phone Number Management section, click Read phone
numbers from Outlook on startup option.
Step 2 If you want to exclude FAX numbers from the search, click Don't include FAX
Step 3 If you want Outlook Contact to appear when you have an incoming call, click
Pop Outlook contacts on incoming call.
Step 4 Click More Options to select which Outlook contacts to import. The MAPI
Import Options dialog box appears.
Step 5 Click Enable Disk Caching if you want Outlook contacts to be available
without delay when Call Manager starts. When you have enabled disk caching,
you can set when Call Manager imports contacts. If disk caching is not enabled,
Call Manager imports contacts every time it starts.
Step 6 Click the Import Configurator tab.
Step 7 Click the locations where you want Call Manager to search for contact
To select individual folders, click Details and check the folders you want
searched for contact information.
Step 8 Click OK.
Step 9 If you want to import contacts now, return to the Disk Cache Options tab and
click Read Contacts Now.
If you do not click this button, the Outlook contacts will be imported the next
time you start Call Manager.
It will take some time for the ShoreWare Personal Call Manager to load your
Microsoft Outlook Contacts. Your Outlook Contacts will not be available until
loading has been completed.
18.7 Upgrade Procedures
When the ShoreTel 8 system is upgraded, users running any version of ShoreWare Call
Manager greater than 5.5.600.0 will be informed that they must upgrade.Upgrades of the
system may not require client upgrades. Refer to the ShoreLink online knowledge base on
the ShoreCare web site to determine if a system upgrade requires client modifications.
18.8 User Licensing
ShoreTel 8 offers three user license types:
Extension and mailbox
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