Chapter 18: Desktop Installation Installing Outlook Integration
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 241
To install Automatic Call Handling:
Step 1 Right-click the ShoreWare Call Manager icon in the Windows taskbar tray.
The ShoreTelmenu appears.
Step 2 Click Configure ShoreTel System.
The ShoreTel System dialog box appears.
Step 3 In the ShoreTel System dialog box, click the Outlook tab.
Step 4 In the Call Handling field, click Install to install the Microsoft components.
In some cases, a warning appears requesting that you close running
applications before continuing. Close the applications as requested.1
The installation takes a few minutes to complete. Once started, it cannot be
Collaborative Data Objects or “CDO,” a component of Microsoft Outlook,
must be installed to use the automatic call handling feature. Refer to
documentation on Microsoft Outlook for information on adding this
component to your installation.
18.6.3 Memorized Phone Number Management
You have the option of importing Outlook contacts to the Call Manager Quick Dial feature.
Figure 18-15 ShoreTel System Control Panel (Outlook Tab)
1. When the AutoCHM form is updated from one PCM release to another, it must be re-registered on a per-
user basis. This registration cannot be done by the installer. It must be done when each user logs onto
PCM for the first time following an upgrade. The registration requires that Outlook be closed. Users can
expect to see a dialog box advising them to close Outlook if it is running at the time the registration is
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