Installation Procedure Chapter 18: Desktop Installation
Alternatively, you can open a browser window and enter the URL
Step 2 The ShoreWare Client Install page appears. After reviewing the information on
this page, click the Install button (Figure 18-3).
The InstallShield Wizard downloads the installation files (showing the progress
of the download), “unpacks” the installation files, and configures the Windows
Step 3 The Welcome screen for the InstallShield Wizard appears (Figure 18-4). Notice
that the version number of the ShoreWare software is shown at the bottom of
the screen. To proceed, click Next.
Step 4 The ShoreWare End User License Agreement appears (Figure 18-5). If you
agree to the license terms, select the option I accept the terms in the license
agreement and click Next.
Figure 18-3 Client Install page
Figure 18-4 Welcome from InstallShield Wizard for ShoreWare Call Manager
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