Chapter 17: Server Installation Installing Software on the Main Server
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 221
Step 4 Choose the location of the server files and data files (Figure 17-5). The data
files are unique to your system and include your system configuration, voice
messages, and automated attendant prompts.
Step 5 These files will be stored in a ShoreTel data folder and should be included as
part of your backup plan for the server.
Step 6 Select Complete installation and click Next (Figure 17-6).
Step 7 At Ready to Install the Program, click Install (Figure 17-7).
At this point, the InstallShield Wizard will present status on the setup process
(Figure 17-8).
Step 8 When the InstallShield Wizard is done, you will be prompted to restart your
server. Click Finish to restart.
Step 9 When the server restarts, you may be prompted to configure a TAPI service
provider. Enter the appropriate area code and access code and continue.
Figure 17-5 Choose Destination for ShoreWare Server and Data Files
Figure 17-6 Setup Type
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