ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 219
Server Installation
This chapter describes installation procedures for main and distributed ShoreWare servers.
Review the following server installation topics before moving on to the next chapter:
17.1 Installing Software on the Main Server
Before beginning software installation, close all programs and verify that no anti-virus
software is running.
Install the ShoreWare server onto an NTFS partition. Do not install the ShoreWare server
software onto a FAT partition, especially the ShoreTel data folder. FAT partitions are
restricted to 16-bit DOS addressing methods, which limit the size of the partition to 2 GB
(insufficient for the ShoreTel application).
To install the main ShoreWare server:
Step 1 Insert the ShoreWare DVD into the DVD drive and let ShoreWare Server Setup
start automatically. If it does not start automatically, browse the DVD and
double-click setup.exe. A DVD Browser window will be presented. Select the
option ShoreWare Server on Windows 2003 (Figure 17-1).
Task Description
Installing Software on the Main Server page 219
Installing Software on a Distributed Server page 223
Ensuring Proper Server Performance page 228
Table 17-1 Server Installation Checklist
Figure 17-1 DVD Browser
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