Chapter 16: Installing ShoreGear Voice Switches ShoreWare Director Switch Configuration
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 215
Step 4 If applicable, connect the music-on-hold source to the audio input port.
Step 5 If applicable, connect your site's paging system to the audio output port.
Step 6 Refer to the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide to configure the ShoreGear voice
switch according to your site’s requirements.
Step 7 Connect your trunk and telephone lines using the appropriate connector for
your switch. Refer to Appendix G, starting on page 303 for connector pinout
information for each switch.
16.4.1 RJ-21X Cable Retainer Installation
A cable retainer for the RJ-21X port is included with some ShoreGear voice switches. The
retainer consists of a metal bracket with a velcro strap.
To install the retainer:
Step 1 Using a number 1 Phillips screwdriver, remove the two black Phillips head
screws on either side of the RJ-21X port.
Step 2 Place the retainer in the recessed area around the RJ-21X port.
Step 3 Reinstall the two screws.
Step 4 Plug in the RJ-21X cable.
Step 5 Pull the velcro strap tightly around the connector on the RJ-21X cable, and
fasten it.
16.5 ShoreWare Director Switch Configuration
To complete the installation, you need to configure the ShoreWare voice switches with
ShoreWare Director. For more information, see the Configuring Switches chapter in the
ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide.
16.6 Reference
16.6.1 Environmental Requirements
The ShoreGear voice switches require that the environmental specifications provided in
Table 16-2 be met
Parameter Specification
Operating temperature 0° C to 50° C
Operating humidity (non-condensing) 0% to 90%
Storage temperature –30° C to 70° C
Storage humidity (non-condensing) 20% to 95%
Table 16-2 ShoreGear Voice Switch Environmental Specifications
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