Preparing Your ShoreTel System for IP Phones Chapter 15: IP Phone Installation
15.3 Preparing Your ShoreTel System for IP Phones
This section provides the information you need to prepare your ShoreTel 8 system for IP
15.3.1 Configuring Voice Switches for IP Phone Support
To provide PSTN local dialing for IP phone users, every site where IP phones are in use
must have a ShoreGear switch configured to support the number of IP phones at the site,
plus local analog or T1 trunks.
The ShoreGear voice switches send a heartbeat to the IP phones evey 60 seconds. If the
heartbeat is not acknowledged within approximately four seconds, the switch considers the
IP phone to be offline or unavailable. The voice switches continue to broadcast the heatbeat
every minute. Any currently-offline IP phone that returns an acknowledgement is
considered online and available.
To configure IP phone support on a ShoreGear voice switch, you must reserve ports for IP
phone support on the ShoreGear Switch edit page in the ShoreWare Director. See the
“Configuring Switches” chapter in the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for additional
15.3.2 Configuring Teleworker IP Phones
To configure an IP phone as a teleworker phone:
Step 1 Define a range of IP addresses set aside for IP phone teleworkers as described in
Section 15.3.4 on page 209.
Step 2 Set a static IP address for the IP phone included in the range you defined in
Step 1. For instructions on setting a static IP address for an IP phone, see
Appendix C, starting on page 277.
Step 3 Connect the IP phone to your Ethernet connection to the Internet.
15.3.3 Assigning the Configuration Switches
You need to designate a switch for handling initial service requests from IP phones installed
on your ShoreTel system. You have the option of assigning two switches to this function, to
provide a backup in case of network problems. Every IP phone installation must have at
least one configuration switch. If you do not assign a switch, the ShoreTel 8 system
automatically assigns the first two ShoreGear switches that you configure.
IP phones must be able to contact at least one of the assigned configuration switches when
first connected to the network. If the IP phone cannot reach a configuration switch, the
telephone will not be added to the system.
To assign configuration switches:
Step 1 From the ShoreWare Director navigation pane, click IP Phones.
Step 2 Click IP Phones Options. Figure 15-2 shows the IP Phones Options edit page.
This page has several configurable parameters:
IP Phone Configuration Switch 1
IP Phone Configuration Switch 2
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