Voice Mail Integration Chapter 14: Legacy Integration
Step 8 Click the Save button to store your changes. the Serial Connection
The ShoreTel voice mail system will only support one serial link per application server. To
support another legacy PBX, you will need another ShoreTel distributed application server.
A serial cable (i.e. null modem) should be used to connect the legacy PBX to one of the
COM ports of the ShoreTel server. Note that the ShoreTel system will extract the serial port
settings, such as baud rate and parity bit values, from the Windows COM port settings.
These settings can be verified by following the procedure below:
Step 1 Right-click My Computer.
Step 2 Select Manage.
Step 3 Select Device Manager.
Step 4 Left-click on Ports (COM & LPT).
Step 5 Right-click Communications Port (COM1), and select Properties.
Step 6 Left-click on the Port Settings tab.
Step 7 Verify that the settings match those suggested by the documentation that came
with your legacy PBX device. link
A PBXLink device may be needed to provide SMDI services for a legacy PBX that does not
offer support for SMDI. The PBXLink devices, manufactured by CTL, provides integration
services to allow certain digital PBXs to interface seamlessly with a Voice Messaging
System. The PBXLink connects to the PBX using a digital telephone line and to the Voice
Messaging System using an RS-232 link. The PBXLink uses information appearing on the
emulated digital set to determine the original source and destination of the calls being
forwarded to the voice mail system. This information is then communicated to the voice
mail system on an RS-232 serial link using the industry standard “Centrex SMDI” protocol.
The PBXLink is compatible with SMDI-compatible voice mail systems.
Manufacturer Model
Nortel Meridian 1
•Nortel Norstar
Avaya System 75/85
• Definity
Mitel •SX50
Siemens • 300S
Table 14-5 Supported PBXs
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