Voice Mail Integration Chapter 14: Legacy Integration
Step 7 The Number of Digits field, which has a range of 2-32, is optional.
This value determines how many digits the ShoreTel system will send in SMDI
extension fields. This value needs to be set to the value the voice mail system
expects. The most common values are either 7 or 10. If the system extension
length is less than the number of SMDI digits, then the extension number will
be padded. For example, if the ShoreTel system needs to send extension 456
and the number of SMDI digits is set to 7, extension 0000456 will be sent. If no
padding is desired the number of digits should be set to 2. In the above
example with the number of SMDI digits set to 2 only 456 will be sent.
Step 8 The translation table is optional and can be left as is for now. We will be
returning to the related topic of digit translation tables later.
Step 9 Click the Save button to store your changes. a User Group
After setting up the ShoreTel voice mail server for SMDI, the next step is to add users to the
system. You will create a user group, and in this user group you will specify that all
members will use ShoreTel Voice Mail. Once this is done, then you will modify user profiles
at the individual level. For now, we will talk about creating the user group.
To create a user group for users on the legacy PBX system, follow the procedure below:
Step 1 With ShoreWare Director still open, click on the Users link to expand the list.
Step a Click on the User Groups link.
Step b Click on the Add New link to display the User Groups window.
Figure 14-9 Creating a user group for legacy users
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