Voice Mail Integration Chapter 14: Legacy Integration
Step 4 Click on the Digit Translation Tables link.
Step 5 Click the New button.
Step 6 Enter a name in the Name field and click the Save button to store your digit
translation table.
Step 7 Click the New button again to display the Digit Translation window (below).
Next, you must select the digit translation mapping that you just created at the server.
Step 8 Click on the Application Servers link and click on the name of the ShoreTel
server that will be handling the digit translation.
Step 9 In the Simplified Message Desk Interface section of the Application Servers
window, select ShoreTel Voice Mail from the Mode drop-down menu.
Step 10The Translation Table drop-down menu appears. Click on the arrow-button
and select the name of the digit translation table that you just created.
Step 11Select the Use for Call Data check box and Use for MWI Data check box by
placing a check mark in each one (as shown below). Doing so allows for the
digit translation to occur when:
Figure 14-3 Mixed Extension Length SMDI Integration
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