Voice Mail Integration Chapter 14: Legacy Integration
Step 10Click Save.
The ShoreTel 8 system will not read the COM port settings until you have saved
the changes to the Server edit page or until the voice mail service is restarted. Trunk Port Setup
The ShoreTel system sends calls to the legacy voice mail server over analog trunks
connecting the two systems. The extensions are on the ShoreTel side, and the legacy voice
mail system is the trunk side. The ShoreTel system sends calls made to these extensions to
the legacy voice mail system when voice mail is needed. Before the call is sent, the SMDI
protocol sends information about the call to the legacy voice mail system via the SMDI
serial link. This allows the legacy voice mail system to handle the call correctly.
To configure the extensions, you need to do the following:
Create a list of the extensions and include the Logical Terminal Number for each
Configure the extensions with a new dial number (DN) type and marked as private
users with no mail box.
Assign a physical port to each extension in Director. Configure the extensions to
forward to the Backup Auto Attendant on “no answer” or “busy.” the ShoreWare Server
Follow these steps to set up communication between ShoreWare Director and the legacy
voice mail server.
To set up ShoreWare Director to communicate with the legacy voice mail server:
Step 1 From ShoreWare Director, click Servers in the navigation frame.
Step 2 Select the server connected to the legacy voice mail system.
Step 3 In the Edit Server page under Simplified Message Desk Interface, change the
settings as follows:
Step a Make sure that the ShoreTel as PBX box is selected.
Step b In the COM Port field, enter the port on the server that will be used for
SMDI communication.
Step c In the Message Desk Number field, enter the Message Desk number (range
is 1-999, with a default of 1). This number identifies a specific voice mail
system and must be set to the value the voice mail system expects. In
configurations where a number of SMDI links are daisy chained together,
this value is used to allow each system to known what data belongs to it.
Since most systems use only one SMDI link, this parameter is normally set
to 1.
Step d In the Number of Digits field, enter the extension length. (range 2-32
digits). This value is used to determine how many digits the ShoreTel 8
system sends in SMDI extension fields. This value needs to be set to the
value the voice mail system expects. The most common values are either 7
or 10. If the system extension length is less than the number of SMDI digits
then the extension number will be padded. For example, if the ShoreTel 8
system needs to send extension 456 and the number of SMDI digits is set to
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