Voice Mail Integration Chapter 14: Legacy Integration
188 Transferred via SMDI
The COM port is used to send call information between the ShoreTel system and the legacy
voice mail system. The SMDI protocol transmits the following call information from the
ShoreTel system to the legacy system:
Message desk number: 1-999
Logical Terminal number (terminal identifier): 1-9999
Call type (All, Busy, Direct, No Answer, Unknown)
Called party
Calling party
The SMDI MWI protocol transmits the following information from the legacy voice mail
system to the ShoreTel system:
Message waiting indication control
On/Off indication
14.10.3Configuring Legacy Voice Mail Integration Using SMDI
As mentioned before, there are two modes of operation with respect to integrating a
ShoreTel system and a legacy system:
External Voice Mail Configuration - In this configuration, the legacy system
provides voice mail services while the ShoreTel system acts as PBX for users.
Figure 14-2 ShoreTel Voice Mail with legacy PBX
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