Chapter 14: Legacy Integration Voice Mail Integration
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 187
Figure 14-2 below shows the legacy system providing PBX services and the ShoreTel
equipment providing voice mail services.
Figure 14-2 shows a ShoreTel switch connected to a legacy PBX through several
analog trunks. These phone lines carry voice information from the PBX to the voice
mail server. Signaling information is carried out-of-band on the separate serial line
(near the bottom of the illustration).
A ShoreTel voice mail server is connected through a serial cable to a PBX link
device. (The PBX link device provides the basic SMDI services that were not
included in some of the older legacy PBX devices. This device must be purchased
separately and configured per the manufacturer's instructions.)
The ShoreTel server and PBX link exchange information. The PBX link sends call
data to the ShoreTel voice mail server, and the call data contains information
related to the source and destination of the phone call, and provides information
about why the call is going to voice mail (e.g. user did not answer, line was busy,
The ShoreTel server, in return, sends MWI (Message Waiting Indicator)
information that is used by the legacy PBX to turn on the message-waiting
mechanism on a user's phone to let her know she has received a message.
Figure 14-1 External Voice Mail with ShoreTel as PBX
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