Voice Mail Integration Chapter 14: Legacy Integration
Use the same extension length across your enterprise.
Use off-system extensions to match remote users’ mail boxes with their extension
Assign each system a System ID to identify the remote site location
For more information on AMIS systems, see the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide.
14.10.2SMDI Protocol Support
The ShoreTel 8 product supports the SMDI protocol, enabling seamless integration of
ShoreTel equipment with legacy phone systems and enabling a smooth migration toward
an all-IP telephony solution. little history
The SMDI protocol evolved at a time when voice mail services and PBX services were
provided by separate physical devices. Over the years, manufacturers have managed to offer
both PBX and voice mail services within a single device, and the need for SMDI has
diminished. However, the protocol can still be useful in situations where newer equipment
will be integrated into a network of older devices. it works
SMDI enables the separate devices that provide PBX and voice mail services to share
information over an out-of-band serial cable connection. The PBX shares information with
the voice mail system about incoming calls. The following information is passed to the
voice mail system:
who the call is from
where the call is going (i.e. user extension)
the reason the call is going to voice mail instead of being answered
In response, the voice mail system returns a notification to the PBX that a message was left
on the voice mail server. The PBX system then uses this information to alert the user by
turning on the “message waiting” light on his or her phone. of integrated equipment
With SMDI support, there are essentially two possible ways the ShoreTel and legacy
equipment can be configured:
External Voice Mail Configuration – The legacy system provides voice mail services while
the ShoreTel 8 system acts as the PBX.
ShoreTel Voice Mail Configuration – The ShoreTel system provides voice mail services while
the legacy system acts as the PBX. details
A group of analog trunks from the ShoreTel system is used to access the legacy voice mail
system (the ShoreTel system is on the extension side of the trunks). The ShoreTel voice
mail application manages the group of outgoing extensions. The ShoreTel server can
provide digit translations if the legacy voice mail and ShoreTel system have different
extension lengths.
Figure 14-1 shows the ShoreTel system providing PBX services and the legacy equipment
providing voice mail services.
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