Chapter 13: Site Requirements and Preparation Voice Switch Requirements
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 175
13.3.7 Connectors
Table 13-12 summarizes all of the connectors on the ShoreGear voice switches. Diagrams
showing where these connectors are located are provided later in this chapter. Power Cabling
Each ShoreGear voice switch comes equipped with a standard 110 VAC modular power
cord. A localized modular power cord can be ordered from ShoreTel. ShoreTel recommends
that every ShoreGear voice switch, as well as the ShoreWare server, be connected to an
uninterruptable power supply (UPS). Ethernet Cabling
Each ShoreGear voice switch has two RJ-45 connectors that provide an auto-sensing 10/
100M Ethernet interface. These are connected to the local area network using standard
Category 5 cabling.
ShoreGear voice switches come with two network interfaces, LAN1 and LAN2, allowing for
a network fault tolerant deployment. You can connect to either or both connectors; there is
no primary/secondary relationship. When both are connected, only one will be active at
any time. If the currently active interface loses the link, the alternate interface becomes
active. Both interfaces will use the same MAC Ethernet address, and IP address.
There are two levels of fault tolerance. To protect against Ethernet switch failure, connect
LAN1 and LAN 2 to separate Ethernet switches. To protect against port or cable failure,
connect LAN1 and LAN2 to separate ports on the same Ethernet switch.
10 Base-T and 100 Base-T can typically support up to 100 meters.
Type Details
Flash Memory 16 MB
Random Access Memory 128 MB
Main Processor PowerPC 8245
Digital Signal Processor Texas Instruments 5409A
Table 13-11 ShoreGear Voice Switch Memory and Processing
SG 120/24
SG 60/12
SG 40/8
Power 110 VAC 110 VAC
Ethernet 2 RJ-45 2 RJ-45
Analog telephone/trunk RJ-21X male
0–2,000 feeta
a. 2000 ft. length uses 26AWG wire.
Digital trunk RJ-48C
T1 trunk monitor RJ-48C
Audio input (Music on Hold) 3.5 mini-mono
Audio output (Paging, Night Bell) 3.5 mini-mono
Maintenance DB-9 female DB-9 female
Table 13-12 ShoreGear Voice Switch Connectors
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