Chapter 12: Desktop Requirements Network Requirements
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 169
MS Internet Explorer 6.0, SP2
MS Internet Explore 7.0
12.4.3 Microsoft Outlook Integration
The following are required when the Microsoft Outlook Integration feature is used:
Microsoft Outlook Versions
Outlook 2002/2003 (SP2), Outlook XP (SP2)
Additional Requirements for Microsoft Outlook Integration include:
Microsoft Outlook must already be installed as the user's email before installing
Outlook integration features (see the installation procedure in Chapter 18, starting
on page 231).
Outlook must be configured for workgroup mode (supporting multiple mail service
providers) and not for Internet-only mode before installing Outlook integration
Automatic Call Handling with the Microsoft Outlook Calendar requires an optional
component of Microsoft Office called Collaborative Data Objects.
The Collaboration Data Object must be installed in order for Microsoft Outlook
calendar integration to work.
12.4.4 Microsoft Updates on the Server
ShoreTel weekly updates test systems with the latest Microsoft desktop patches. When
releasing a new build, ShoreTel publishes Build Notes that lists the Microsoft patches that
are certified against the build. ShoreTel also highlights software changes required by the MS
The conservative approach is to turn off regular MS updates until you review the detailed
certification provided with each release.
12.5 Network Requirements
Personal computers running ShoreWare Call Manager software must be networked to the
ShoreWare server. See Chapter 9, starting on page 97, for bandwidth requirements.
12.6 Virus Protection Desktop Systems
ShoreTel allows the use of industry standard virus protection software on desktop systems
running the client application.
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