Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services Enterprise Telephony Features
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 161
11.15 Enterprise Telephony Features
11.15.1Music on Hold
ShoreTel 8 can provide music on hold on a per-site basis using the audio input port on
ShoreGear switches that support music on hold. Refer to Appendix H to determine the
switches that support music on hold. You only need a single music source per site.
Connecting the desired music source to the designated ShoreGear voice switch provides
music on hold. The source can be either recorded music or custom music, with prerecorded
announcements or other information for callers.
Each site with music on hold must have its own music source. To conserve bandwidth,
music is not sent across the WAN between sites, and MOH is selected by the ShoreGear
Switch where the CO trunks are configured (i.e., the holding party). IP phone users will
not receive MOH when they are on an internal call. See the ShoreTel 8 Administration
Guide for additional information.
Before installing the system, confirm that you have music sources for each site, including
the music and the required equipment for playback.
Details related to MOH over SIP Trunks:
MOH for SIP trunks is offered for environments where external users reach the ShoreTel
system through SIP trunks (such as BRI via a SIP gateway), and MOH will be offered
internally, in situations where the SIP protocol is used to reach the ShoreTel system through
SIP devices, such as a WiFi phone.
If there is a MOH source at the same site as a SIP trunk, these trunks will be
connected to that source when placed on hold, and the device at the other end of
the trunk will connect directly to the MOH switch.
The existing rules for MOH will also apply to MOH for SIP Trunks:
MOH will not be sent across sites.
The MOH source must be at the same site as the SIP trunk that utilizes it.
MOH is not supported over the SIP tie trunk towards analog phones, analog trunks
or PRI trunks. Currently, MOH is sent over the tie trunk and is not generated by
the local device.
MOH Works for the following SIP trunk devices:
Hitachi Phone
SIP BRI gateway
Option Comments
Network Adapter Allows the user to select which network interface to use. Normally, the
default value can be accepted.
Sounds Devices for Playback
and Recording
Accept the default devices unless the SoftPhone is using a USB headset.
Device Type There are three devices possible: headphones, desktop speakers, and
telephone. Headphones enable automatic gain control (AGC) and Desktop
Speakers enable both acoustic echo cancellation (AEC) and AGC. The
Telephone option does not use either AEC or AGC.
Table 11-3 SoftPhone Options
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