Pickup Groups Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services
the hunt switch rehunts the same users again. However, the members who have room on
their call stack for additional calls may have changed, so each additional hunt may result in
different phones ringing.
11.11 Pickup Groups
Group Pickup is a traditional PBX and key system feature used in group environments. The
feature allows users in a pickup group to answer any ringing phone in that group, and the
feature works best in places where several people work together on a daily basis, such as
design firms. If a group member is away from her desk and across the room while her
phone rings, she can quickly answer the call from another person's IP phone by pressing
the relevant soft key or programmable button, or by using a simple star command from an
analog phone.
The following example may help illustrate how this feature is used.
Assume three hypothetical users (e.g. Mike, Joe, and Sarah) work together and have jobs
that require extensive collaboration. They also sit near one another. Their extensions
(x1001, x1002, x1003, respectively) would be added to an extension list, and then this list
would be associated with a pickup group.
The pickup group would have its own extension (e.g. x3755). Note that this extension is
invalid and cannot be dialed, and thus acts more like a code than an extension. This non-
dialable extension could be programmed into a PCM toolbar button or an IP phone
programmable button on Mike's, Joe's, and Sarah's phones.
So, assume Joe's phone rings (x1002) while he is having a conversation with Sarah at her
desk. He would hear his phone ringing at his desk, yet he could press the pre-programmed
button on Sarah's IP phone in order to answer his own call.
Alternatively, if Sarah had an analog phone, Joe could press *13 + 3755 to answer the call.
Pickup groups can include the following types of extensions:
User extensions
Workgroup extensions
Bridged Call Appearance (BCA) extensions
Pickup groups can be associated with a programmable toolbar button, or with a
programmable button on an IP phone, and can work with Office Anywhere.
The user whose phone will be picked up must have class of service “Call Pickup
Allowed” to use this feature. However, other users need not be members of the
pickup group to pickup a call.
This feature is not supported on the ShoreGear T1 and ShoreGear E1 voice
The call pickup feature will support:
24 members per group
16 groups per switch
The sum of all members assigned to all Pickup Groups on a switch cannot
exceed 80
A single user can be a member of up to 5 Pickup Groups
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