Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services Hunt Groups
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 153
Custom buttons are configured on each IP phone so that information about incoming calls
to a BCA extension is shared among the phones via blinking colored LEDs. Similarly, IP
phones can share information about outbound calls placed from a BCA extension by
blinking green or red on each phone (see the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for details).
Custom buttons can be programmed on IP phone such that each button represents a
position in the call stack.
Pressing the top-most BCA custom button for outbound calls does not necessarily access
trunk 1. There is no one-to-one correlation between the custom buttons programmed for
BCA extensions and a particular trunk. Trunks can be associated with BCA extensions in
any random manner desired by the system administrator.
11.9.1 Switch Support for Bridged Call Appearances
The ShoreGear voice switches support BCA functionality, with the following caveats:
Up to 24 BCA extensions can be configured per switch.
The sum of all the trunks that are assigned to a BCA, plus the call stack size of all
BCAs used for extension appearances on a switch cannot exceed 24. For example,
you may configure 8 BCAs, each targeted with 3 trunks on the same switch.
A maximum of 32 phones can be configured to point to the same BCA extension.
Up to 128 BCA extensions (on other switches) can be monitored.
Note that BCA extensions cannot be configured on the following legacy ShoreTel voice
switch models: IPBX-24, IPBX-12, IPBX-TW, and IPBX-T1
However, these legacy switches can monitor up to 64 BCA extensions that reside on newer
switches that provide full BCA support.
For details on configuring the BCA feature, please refer to the ShoreTel 8 Administration
11.10 Hunt Groups
Hunt groups allow you to route calls to a list of extensions. Hunt groups can be accessed
through an extension, DID, and/or DNIS. Hunt groups are supported by ShoreGear
switches and remain available when connectivity to the ShoreWare servers are lost. The
hunt group can be used as the backup destination for a workgroup, so that some basic
hunting can be done even when the workgroup server is not reachable. To maximize
reliability, assign hunt groups to a switch close to the majority of the members and/or
trunks associated with the hunt group.
A maximum of 8 hunt groups can be assigned to a single switch. A total of 16 user numbers
can be assigned to hunt groups on a single switch (i.e., 8 hunt groups with 2 extensions
each, 2 hunt groups with 8 extensions, or 1 hunt group with 16 extensions).
Hunt groups have scheduled call handling modes similar to route points (for more
information about route points, see the “Setting Call Control Options” chapter in the
ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide). There are call handling modes for on-hours and off-
hours/holiday (combined). For on-hours, destinations can be set for Always, Busy, and No
Answer. For the other call handling modes, only a call forward always destination is
provided. When the hunt group is in a call handling mode other than on-hours, the hunt
group forwards calls to the Call Forward Always destination.
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