Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services Planning Fax Handling
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 147
Step 2 Connect the fax server to one of the analog ports on a ShoreGear switch that
supports analog. The following switches support fax server integration:
Next, you will create user accounts to represent each analog switch port that connects
to the fax server.
Step 3 Launch ShoreWare Director and enter the user ID and password.
Step 4 Click on the Administration link to expand the list (if it has not already been
Step 5 Click on the Users link and then the Individual Users link, and then Add a New
Step 6 The Edit User window appears, as shown below. (Arrows in the illustration
point to fields that must be configured. Refer to the bulleted list below the
illustration for details.)
Step 7 Enter information for each of the fields as shown below for each field:
License Type: Extension-Only
Figure 11-3 Creating a user account for the fax server
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