Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services Planning Fax Handling
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 145
Step 2 Assign a range of direct fax numbers.
Step 3 From the Trunk Group edit page (on the DNIS map page), set the destination
for each fax number to the appropriate fax extension.
If you plan for each user to have a single number for both voice and fax:
Step 1 Configure the fax extension(s) through the User edit page of ShoreWare
Step 2 Enable fax redirection from the User edit page and enable fax redirect for the
site by entering a fax extension on the site edit page.
For more information on these settings, see the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide.
11.4.1 Using a Fax Server
A fax server improves services available to your users, helping them be more productive.
With a fax server, users can:
Send faxes directly from the desktop eliminating the need to print faxes to send.
Receive faxes directly on the desktop.
Integrate fax communications with e-mail and voice mail applications.
Have individual fax numbers
Maintain soft copies of all faxes for easy printing and document management.
Using a fax server with the ShoreTel 8 system allows you to:
Share inbound and outbound trunks for fax services.
Reduce toll charges by leveraging your VoIP network for outbound faxes.
For inbound fax support, users can be assigned a personal fax number from the DID range
of one of the trunk groups and this DID number can be the same as the user’s regular
telephone extension. When a call is received, if the fax redirect feature is enabled, the
system can differentiate between voice calls and fax calls and react appropriately.
Outbound faxes are queued by the server and then sent across the IP network to the best
available trunk.
Fax Server Requirements
Sufficient ports on ShoreGear voice switches
Sufficient ShoreWare User Licenses
Sufficient DID trunks to support both fax and voice DID for all users Network Requirements
The network requirements for faxing over IP are more stringent than for voice over IP. For
voice communications, a 1% packet loss has negligible impact on voice quality. However, a
1% packet loss for fax communications means a loss of approximately 3 lines per fax page.
ShoreTel recommends that packet loss not exceed 0.1% across the LAN and WAN when
using fax servers with the ShoreTel 8 system.
Fax communications are also impacted by voice compression. Since fax machine typically
require 19.2 Kbps, ShoreTel recommends that you use G.711 voice encoding for fax calls.
For more information on fax requirements, see Section 8.4 on page 93.
Note that the fax redirect feature will not work with calls that come in on SIP trunks.
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