Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services Voice Mail
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 139
You should provision a distributed server at any site with more than 100 users to effectively
manage your WAN bandwidth between that site and the headquarters or main site. In
addition, you must add a distributed server with the voice mail application at any site
where the required number of mailboxes exceeds 1,000.
Users should be configured for the server that is located at their home or most frequent
site. If that site does not have a server, the nearest server or headquarters server should be
When there are multiple voice mail servers, the system-wide voice mail extension
automatically maps to the extension of the local voice mail server. Voice mail media
streams are therefore recorded in the CDR reports by the voice mail extension that actually
handles the call.
The ShoreTel 8 system provides each user with five call handling modes, and workgroups
with four call handling modes, allowing employees and workgroups to customize how calls
are routed. Employees typically use Standard call handling mode to route calls to voice mail
after three or four rings, and use Out of the Office call handling mode to route calls directly
to voice mail.
Users should consider:
Forwarding calls to a cell phone
Forwarding calls to an external answering service (for critical users or workgroups)
You must enable external call handling as part of the class of service for users who want to
use these options.
The Message Notification feature of the ShoreTel 8 system allows users to be notified when
they receive a message. Notifications can be sent upon receipt of all messages, or only upon
receipt of urgent messages. Notifications can be sent to:
An E-mail address (with or without the voice mail attached as a .wav file)
A pager (which allows message notification)
An extension (which allows message playback)
An external number, such as a cell phone (which allows message playback)
Users who address and compose voice mail through the Telephone User Interface
(TUI), the Visual Voicemail application, or the Outlook Voicemail form can now
mark composed messages for a “return receipt.”
11.3.1 Escalation Notifications
Similarly, the ShoreTel system can send any of these notifcations types to specific members
of an escalation profile, in support of an Escalation Notification feature. The Escalation
Notifications feature is a traditional voice mail feature that allows support groups to offer
round-the-clock service to their customers, such that when a customer calls into the
ShoreTel system and leaves a message, the voice mail system sends out a page, phone call,
or email to a designated employee in the support department. If this first employee ignores
his beeping pager, the next designated employee within the escalation profile list is
contacted, and so on. Employees in the escalation profile will continue to be contacted
sequentially until someone listens to the voice mail. (See “Configuring Users” in the
ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for more information on this feature.)
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