Voice Mail Chapter 11: Planning Applications and Services
A new user group is created during installation for use by the Account Code Collection
Service. This user group is named “Account Codes Service.” Since it is only intended for
use by the Account Code Collection Service, this group does not appear in drop-down lists
for the assignment of User Groups to users and other objects such as workgroups. You can,
however, change all attributes of the Account Codes Service User Group except the fields
indicating whether Account Codes are disabled, optional, or required.
The Account Code Collection Service is associated with a system extension that is hosted
on the SoftSwitch running on the headquarters (HQ) server only. If the HQ SoftSwitch is
not reachable by the originating ShoreGear switch, the call is handled according to the
setting on the caller’s user group. Specifically, during such a connectivity outage, calls
placed by users who have optional account code collection are automatically placed, and
calls placed by users who have forced account code collection are automatically rejected.
11.2.1 Account Codes
Account Code Collection Service supports up to 50,000 account codes of a maximum of 20
characters. You can include non-numeric characters (such as hyphens and slashes) in the
account codes; however, non-numeric characters are not used in account code collection or
in the account code reports. An account code can be the same as a prefix for another
account code. For example, the account codes 1234 and 12345 can coexist.
The following table gives example account codes and how the Account Code Collection
Service interprets the code.
Account codes can also have user-friendly names of up to 50 characters.
11.2.2 Call Permissions
The call permissions define what dialed numbers are directed to the Account Codes Service
for user groups configured with account codes. For calls that are redirected to the account
codes extension, the call is completed with the trunk access and call permissions of the
Account Codes Service.
This structure imposes two sets of permissions on outbound calls:
The call permissions for the user group of the user who places the call are used to
determine if an account code must be collected or not.
The call permissions for the Account Codes Service determine whether calls are
finally placed, or if the intercept tone is to be played.
11.3 Voice Mail
The ShoreTel 8 system provides voice mail for all users and workgroups on the system. The
system supports up to 21 application servers—one main server and up to 20 distributed
servers. Any of the servers can host the voice mail application.
Sample Account Code Recorded Code
Sales 200 200
1001-3 10013
1.234A 1234
3000 Exec 2 30002
Table 11-2 Account Code Interpretation Example
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