ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 137
Planning Applications and Services
This chapter reviews the key applications and services of the ShoreTel 8 system to assist you
in planning your system configuration, and to determine the equipment you need for
completing deployment.
11.1 Checklist
Review the following application planning topics before proceeding to the next chapter:
11.2 Account Code Collection Service
ShoreTel 8 supports account codes for external calls when you enable the Account Code
Collection Service. When a user dials a number that is not included in the scope of his or
her call permissions, the call is routed to the Account Code Collection Service extension,
where the user is prompted to enter a valid account code. Account code collection is
enabled on a per-user group basis and can be set to be one of three states: disabled,
optional, or forced. The Account Code Collection Service is associated with a configurable
extension and has a dedicated user group that defines ultimate call permissions and trunk
group access.
Task Description
Account Code Collection Service page 137
Voice Mail page 138
Planning Fax Handling page 143
Private Numbers page 151
Automated Attendant page 151
Call Handling Delegation page 152
Web Access page 152
Bridged Call Appearances page 152
Hunt Groups page 153
Pickup Groups page 156
Workgroups page 157
ShoreWare Call Manager page 160
SoftPhone page 160
Enterprise Telephony Features page 161
ShoreGear Converged Conference Bridge page 164
ShoreTel Contact Center Solution page 165
Table 11-1 Planning Applications and Services Checklist
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