Chapter 9: Network Requirements and Preparation Configuring DHCP for ShoreTel IP Phones
ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 115
Refer to Table 9-13 for a list of language codes. Selecting the appropriate
language code ensures that the phone displays the text in the proper language
(e.g. abbreviations for days and months, and messages indicating that the
phone is requesting service or indicating that service is unavailable).
Step 9 Connect the Ethernet cable into the data jack on the back of the IP phone.
The phone downloads the latest bootROM and firmware from the ShoreTel
server and in the process, reboots several times. When the phone displays the
date and time, the boot and upgrade process is complete.
7 United Kingdom
8 Australia
9 Hong Kong
10 Malaysia
11 Singapore
12 Brazil
13 Netherlands
14 New Zealand
15 Portugal
16 Ireland
17 Belgium
a. Check with your system administrator or ShoreTel representative to determine the
level of support for a selected country.
b. Please refer to Table A-3 on page 267 for availability of hardware in your country.
Code Language (Country)
1 English (US)
2 Spanish (Spain)
4 English (UK)
7 Spanish (Castilian)
Table 9-13 Language codes
Code Country Nameab
Table 9-12 Country codes
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