ShoreTel 8 Planning and Installation Guide 97
Network Requirements and
Use the information in this chapter to determine specific network requirements for the
ShoreTel 8 system. After determining the network requirements, you will be ready to
configure your network appropriately.
9.1 Checklist
Review the following planning topics before proceeding to the next chapter:
9.2 Overview
The ShoreTel 8 system is an IP-based voice solution deployed across your IP network. This
allows the components of the system to be located anywhere on your IP network, resulting
in a single system for all your voice applications at all locations. This single system
approach significantly reduces the complexity associated with legacy systems that consist
of multiple PBXs, multiple voice mail systems, multiple auto-attendants, and multiple
automatic call distribution systems, each with their unique management interfaces.
Since the ShoreTel 8 system becomes another application on your IP network, it is
important to understand how the system integrates with your data network. As you
migrate your network to include voice as another application across your wide area
network, it becomes necessary for your IP LAN and WAN to provide a network that meets
the requirements for toll-quality voice. The ability of your network to deliver this
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Table 9-1 Network Requirements and Preparation Checklist
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