Analog Phone Requirements Chapter 8: Telephone Planning and Ordering
Mute button: Users in the enterprise typically demand that their speakerphone
have a mute button. Since telephones are often designed with the residential
market in mind, some speakerphones do not have a mute button, which may lead
to end-user complaints.
If message waiting is required (United States and Canada only):
CLASS (FSK) message waiting indicator: CLASS message waiting–compatible
telephones provide a highly reliable method for turning message waiting lights on
and off.
Telephones that rely on a stutter dial tone to control the message waiting light are
unreliable and should be avoided.
The ShoreTel 8 system does not support telephones that use voltage-driven message waiting
You should select telephones from a reputable manufacturer. Although most phones on the
market are of good quality, ShoreTel recommends that you stay away from “clone” or “low-
ball” manufacturers.
Here are some additional considerations:
Not too many buttons: Some telephones come with lots of complicated buttons
and options that drive up the price of the device. The ShoreTel 8 system delivers
advanced features through desktop applications that are integrated with your
enterprise tools. Telephones with lots of features and buttons are not necessary.
No answering machine: The ShoreTel 8 system includes an integrated voice mail
system for all users at all sites. Telephones with integrated answering machines are
not necessary.
No hold button: Telephones with a hold button do not actually put the caller on
system hold, so the caller will not hear music on hold or have the correct call
control status details.
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