ShorePhone Telephones Chapter 8: Telephone Planning and Ordering
digital conversions in the network, can have a significant impact on connection
Modem calls demand a high-quality network with virtually no packet loss. Packet
loss should not exceed 0.001%, which can be achieved on a local area network or
in a wide area network using leased T1 facilities.
Analog trunk ports should not be used if a digital trunk (T1) is available, since
performance will be limited to 28.8 Kbps maximum. Digital trunks should be used
Connection speeds are significantly affected by multiple packet-to-circuit
conversions (including modem calls from one ShoreTel 8 system to another). If a T1
line is used, modems should be able to connect at K56Flex/V.90 or approximately
48 Kbps.
8.5 ShorePhone Telephones
Both analog and IP telephones are available from ShoreTel.
ShorePhone analog phones do not display Caller ID for calls forwarded from a workgroup
or hunt group.
8.5.1 ShorePhone-AP100
The ShorePhone-AP100 telephone provides a cost-effective analog solution for business
and includes a high-quality speaker telephone and a large display for caller information.
See Section 2.11 on page 24 for a complete description of the ShorePhone-AP100 telephone
and the list of voice switches that support it.
8.5.2 ShorePhone-IP Phones
The ShorePhone IP phones are supported by ShoreGear voice switches. With ShoreTel IP
phones, you create an end-to-end IP network, or a single-wire-to-the-desktop solution. The
ShoreTel IP phone’s intuitive user interface provides a high level of comfort when
performing telephone operations.
The newer ShorePhone multiline models offer programmable buttons, making it easy for
users to quickly and easily assign common operations to the buttons on their phones.
Depending on the model of the IP phone, up to five extensions could be monitored with
this feature.
Keep in mind that the “Copy Programmable Buttons” feature can be used to duplicate a
programmable button configuration from one phone to another, saving you hours of
tedious work as new users are added. Once the programmable buttons on one user's IP
phone have been configured, the system administrator can leverage this existing
configuration by copying the button profile to subsequent users’ phones. (See “Copying
Programmable Buttons Configurations” in the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for more
The ShorePhone multiline phones support the Automatic Off-Hook Preference feature,
allowing users to select which audio path (speakerphone or headset) is automatically
activated when a call is placed or when an incoming phone call is received.
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