Define Network Call Routing Chapter 7: Network Call Routing
2. If user group permissions specify the collection of an account code, a check is
performed on the call permissions for the Account Code Collection Service to
determine whether call will be permitted or rejected.
If the call is rejected, the intercept tone is played.
The Account Code Collection Service is associated with a system extension hosted on a
SoftSwitch that only runs on the headquarters (HQ) server.
If the Headquarters SoftSwitch is unavailable to the ShoreGear switch from which a call
originates, the call is handled according to the permissions set for the caller’s user group.
Calls placed by users who are configured for optional account code collection are placed.
Calls placed by users who are configured for forced account code collection are rejected.
Wildcard characters (represented with a question mark) can be used in place of DTMF
digits in the account code. When wildcards are used, a length check is performed instead of
a more thorough validation of the code. Although this reduces the stringency of the
validation process, it allows the sytem to support far more than 50,000 account codes – the
previous account code limitation.
Refer to the chapter on Call Control in the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for more
information about account codes and account code wildcards.
7.3.3 Trunk Availability
For a trunk to be included in the list of possible trunks that can be hunted, the following
conditions must apply:
The trunk must have an access code that matches the access code dialed.
The trunk must be assigned to the user. (Trunk groups are assigned to user
The trunk must be capable of the requested service (Local, Long Distance,
International, n11, 911, Easily Recognizable Codes, Explicit Carrier Selection, and
Operator Assisted). These services are defined on the Trunk Group edit page as
shown in Figure 7-2.
The trunk must be in service.
The trunk must not already be in use.
The trunk must be on a switch that the user’s switch can reach. (The network is up
and running.)
For multisite calls, the admission control must be met at both sites. Admission
control is defined on the Site edit page.
If call is long distance from the trunk, it was not local to the caller. For example,
network call routing will not send a local call via a trunk in another state.
To define trunk services:
Step 1 Open the Trunk Services dialog box on the Trunk Group edit page.
Step 2 Select the services that will be available for the selected trunk.
See the ShoreTel 8 Administration Guide for more information about the Trunk
Group edit page.
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