84 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Calls are dropped
Calls are dropped
Calls may be dropped for many reasons, but a likely cause is that the communications channel to the
handset from the base encountered too many errors or that a handoff was unsuccessful. Here are
some items to check:
Using the site survey mode, check that there is a greater than -75 dBm signal from at least one
base or repeater in the area that the call drop occurred. Repeater locations may need to be
optimized or additional repeaters added to provide sufficient coverage. See Handset Service
Menu on page 79.
Using the site survey mode check that all repeaters connected to the base hosting the handset
with a dropped call are properly functioning. You may need to move closer to a repeater to see it in
the site survey.
See Understanding Repeater RSSI Levels on page 35 for information about ensuring that every
repeater is receiving a sufficient signal from its synchronization source.
Cannot log into a base with ShoreTel IP930D Manager
To log into the base station, first try entering the following from a PC on the same subnet as the base:
If that fails, use the IP address of the base, which can be obtained from one of the following methods
(try these in the order listed):
Perform a site survey on an deregistered handset by using the IP Search menu item from the
Handset Settings menu. See Handset Settings Menu on page 78.
Run a Mute-SETUP command on a handset has been registered to the base you are trying to
contact. Press the Mute button on the handset, then type “SETUP” using the handset keypad.
Check the base’s lease on the DHCP Server or make a DHCP reservation in advance for the base
to use. Checking the list of leases on your DHCP server allows you to see the IP address used by
the base.
Perform a Wireshark capture of base booting. Apply a filter of “eth.addr==aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff” to see
any broadcast traffic from the base with the MAC address aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff.
If you forget the password for a base, return the base to its factory default settings by following the
steps below:
1. Plug the base into powered Ethernet and wait for the LED indicator to start flashing green.
2. Hold down the reset button on the back of the base for at least 10 seconds or until the LED
indicator turns off.
The base will restart in a factory default state. The factory default password is the last 4 characters
of the base’s MAC address.
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