Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Repeater will not synchronize with its base
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 83
Check that all bases are operating on the same subnet by examining their IP addresses on the
Manage Bases page in ShoreTel IP930D Manager. If they are not, multicast communications between
bases will fail, thereby blocking communications.
Check that bases are properly configured
Double-check the configuration file settings for these parameters, which are critical for bases to
synchronize properly: SntpServer, DectBaseMac, DectSysChainId, DectMultiCell, and DectAutoSync.
Repeater will not synchronize with its base
Configuration errors
If a repeater will not synchronize with its base, as indicated on the Manage Base page in ShoreTel
IP930D Manager, or by the LED on the repeater flashing green or red/green, double-check these
parameters in the MAC-specific configuration file for the base:
Signal level too low
See the Understanding Repeater RSSI Levels on page 35 for information on how to check that all
repeaters are receiving a sufficient signal from their synchronization source.
Insufficient free DECT channels
If there are no free DECT channels available for the repeater to connect to a base or repeater the
repeater may not be able to synchronize with a base or repeater. Check that channel limits for the
system have not been exceeded and if possible turn off any nearby interfering DECT systems or
Intermittent or unreliable response by the handset
Here are some items to check:
Check that the handset’s IPUI appears in the DectHandset parameter of only one base.
Check the signal level of the connected base or repeater by entering the site survey mode and
checking the RSSI level of the first RPN in the list. See Handset Service Menu on page 79.
Monitor for frame errors as reported by the site survey. If the RSSI is above -75 dBm, but there are
frequent errors and you are connected to a repeater, the issue may be with the signal strength
received by that repeater or any intermediate repeaters.
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