82 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Handset is deregistered
Handset is deregistered
Register the handset to the base by first logging into the base using ShoreTel IP930D Manager and
enabling registration on the Base Security page. Enable registration to one base at a time to speed the
process. Use the registration code “0000” when registering a handset. When finished, disable
registration to that base (registration mode will automatically become disabled after about 10 minutes).
Cannot register handset
Value of IPUI in DectHandset not set correctly
If registration fails, double-check that the IPUI of the handset is properly set in the hosting base’s
MAC-specific configuration file in the parameter DectHandset.
Insufficient free DECT channels
If there are no free DECT channels available for the handset to connect to a base or repeater the
phone may not be able to register with the base. Check that channel limits for the system have not
been exceeded and, if possible, turn off nearby interfering DECT systems or devices.
Handset is stuck “Requesting Service” or displays “No
Here are some items to check if this happens:
Verify that the MGC server is properly configured either in a DHCP site-specific parameter or a
configuration file’s MgcServers parameter. The value in use can be checked on the Current Status
page in ShoreTel IP930D Manager, or by entering Mute-INFO# on the handset.
Check that sufficient licenses are available for the handsets you are adding.
Try using Mute-ping from the handset to ping the MGC server to see if the network connection and
server are working.
Bases will not synchronize with each other
SNTP Server not working
If, after about 10 minutes, the bases have not synchronized, make sure that the SNTP server is
properly configured and working for all bases by checking the current time and date reported on the
Current Status page in ShoreTel IP930D Manager for each base in the multicell system. All bases must
have a working SNTP server or they will be unable to synchronize properly.
IP Network Communications not working
Check that the bases in the multicell system are in IP communication with each other by verifying that
they are reporting a “Connected” state in the Bases in System XXXX table on the Manage Bases page
in ShoreTel IP930D Manager. If they report “Connection Lost,” there is an issue with IP connectivity
between the bases.
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