80 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Mute-INFO
This information is displayed on the handset after Mute-INFO# is entered on an idle handset:
Base IP address, subnet mask, and gateway
Handset IP address
Base Ethernet link speed
FTP, MGC, and SNTP servers
VLAN tagging status
Application and boot file names
MAC configuration filename and date
Configuration file date
Country and language settings
Base and handset application versions
Base and handset model numbers
Base MAC address
Handset IPUI
Base and handset hardware version
802.1x status
LLDP status
Base LED Indicator
LED State Description
Off No Power.
2 Red flashes followed by Flashing Green
(1 sec on/1 sec off)
Base is starting.
Winking Green (800 mS on/200 mS off) Base has started running but has not yet synchronized to a
master (Multicell only).
Solid Green Unit is operating normally and is synchronized to a master.
Winking Red (800 mS on/200 mS off) No Ethernet.
Fast Flashing Red (500 mS on/500 mS off) Unit is upgrading firmware. Do not remove power.
Flashing Red/Green (1 S red/1 S green) Registration Enabled.
Solid Red Critical Error.
Never unplug a base while its LED indicator is flashing red or it may be permanently damaged.
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