Diagnostics and Troubleshooting Phonectl/Telnet
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 77
%NETWORK_SYNC_DATA_TRANSPORT%: DectBaseNetworking (multicast=0)
%NETWORK_ALLOW_MULTI_PRIMARY%: DectMultiMaster (0=No, 1=Yes)
%REPEATER_RPN%: DectRepeaterRpn
%REPEATER_DATA_CONFIGURED%: DectRepeaterDataConfigured
System Log Page
This web page shows the most recent events logged by the system. Modules that are logged, and their
debug levels, are set using the SysLogInfo parameter. Refresh the web page to update the log.
Phonectl is a PC-based program for ShoreTel phones that can also be used to access IP930D bases.
The primary purpose of the phonectl application is to enable the telnet port on a base station. It is run
from the DOS shell and uses this command structure: phonectl -pw XXXX -telneton hostIP, where
XXXX is the system password and hostIP is the IP address of the base you are accessing.
From telnet, you can access the VxWorks console and perform various diagnostic commands that are
beyond the scope of this document. See the Phonectl documentation for details.
Syslog can be used to capture long-running logs of events that occur in the system on a syslog server.
These detailed logs are most useful when investigating infrequent and difficult-to-diagnose issues. The
level of logging is fully programmable, depending on the area of interest.
The ShoreTel IP930D Configuration Tool can be used to configure the SysLogInfo parameter. The
SysLogInfo parameter determines what information is sent to a syslog server.
1. Load the project file into the IP930D Configuration Tool.
Make sure the project file is up to date and matches the installed configuration or you will cause
the system to stop working when you apply the files it generates.
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