74 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting ShoreTel IP930D Manager
ShoreTel IP930D Manager
ShoreTel IP930D Manager provides detailed status information on all aspects of the base and attached
handsets and repeaters. ShoreTel IP930D Manager also provides a listing of the active configuration
that is in use by the base (Configuration page) and a snapshot of recently logged system events
(System Log page).
The following sections contain information about ShoreTel IP930D Manager pages.
Current Status Page
From this page you can quickly check:
Handsets registered to the base, their IPUI, IP address, MGC Server, Firmware version, and
Update Status
Firmware version of the base
Configuration file version
System time of day and up time
Base MAC address, RFPI, and IP address
Number of handsets active on a call
System chain ID
Network Configuration Page
Access current network interface settings from this page (similar to what is available when using the
Mute-SETUP procedure of a wired ShoreTel phone).
Manage Bases Page
Monitor the performance of a multicell system from this page. For multicell to work properly, all bases
must be able to synchronize with each other over the air and over the network. From this page, you
can verify both, as well as check many other settings.
To verify that all bases are in communication, check that each base in the list (except the base you are
managing) shows “Connected” in the IP Status column of the Base units in System XXXX table.
To verify that all bases are synchronized over the air, check the Sync Property column. All bases
should show either “Locked,” indicating that they are synchronized to the “Sync Source” in the column
to the left, or “Primary,” indicating they are the primary over-the-air synchronization source.
To quickly manage another base, click its IP address in the Base units in System XXXX table.
The Repeaters on this Base table shows the repeaters connected to this base. All should display a
status of “Present” and should show the synchronization relationships you established in the
MAC-specific base configuration files. You can also check the software version for each repeater in
this table.
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