70 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Reference Material Setting Audio and Backlight Parameters
Setting Audio and Backlight Parameters
You can set audio levels for some parameters within the system: DectHandsetLevelsDb,
DectSpeakerLevelsDb, DectRingerLevelsDb, and DectDtmfLevelDb. Recommended values are
shown in the table in Understanding Configuration Parameters on page 61.
The parameter BackLightSave can be used to prevent the backlight from turning on when line status
updates occur in order to preserve battery life. The Backlight and BacklightDim parameters can be
used to adjust the length of time the display stays backlit after it is used. See Understanding
Configuration Parameters on page 61.
Configuring Bases on a Network Secured with 802.1x
Bases that will operate on an 802.1x secured network must first be configured with an 802.1x
supplicant ID and password from the Network Configuration page in ShoreTel IP930D Manager. This
procedure must be performed before the bases are connected to the secured network and before
handsets and repeaters are registered for the first time.
16: “HMTST” #hammer test
17: “MIND” #not used
18: “MKBD” #not used
19: “MLLDP” #not used
20: “MPROF” #not used
22: “MAIL” #DECT mail socket interface
23: “MCC” #DECT call control
24: “MBOS” #not used
25: “MRCOV” #not in used yet
26: “MGSIG” #not used
27: “EAP” #DECT embedded access protocol
28: “module29” #not used
29: “module30” #not used
30: “module31” #not used
31: “RTXLOG” #syslog from Sitel
The verbose level indicates the level of information that
is printed. Levels are 0 to 7. Facility code is the syslog
facility code. The output devices are 0= serial port,
1=syslog server.This parameter may appear multiple
times to permit the assignment of unique logging levels
to modules. Example:
Sets RTXLOG to level 3 to a syslog server at
Version Up to 16 ASCII
This parameter specifies the version identifier of the
configuration file. It is then reported via the Mgt/gi signal
CFG “”
VlanId Up to 9 ASCII
VLAN ID to be used on all packets from base.
Parameter Value Type Value Sources Default
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