46 Planning and Installation Guide ShoreTel IP Phone 930D
Maintaining Your System Updating IP930D Firmware
15. After backing up the old MAC-specific configuration files, and after the new ones have been placed
into the FTP root directory, you must reset all bases in the system. Starting with the base assigned
to be RPN 0x00 and proceeding one base at a time, reset bases from the Reset Base page in
ShoreTel IP930D Manager.
16. After all bases have restarted, plug in the new base and re-register all of the handsets and
repeaters to the new base as specified in the installation summary. To do this, enable registration
on the new base using ShoreTel IP930D Manager from the Base Security page. On the handsets,
choose Menu > Connectivity > Registration. Enter the Handset Registration code “0000” and
press the OK soft key.
17. Finally, register the repeaters to the new base starting with the repeaters directly connected to the
base and working outward, if any are daisy chained. Keep in mind that the handset registration
mode will only stay enabled for about 10 minutes; if it takes longer than 10 minutes to register all
handsets and repeaters, you must re-enable registration mode before proceeding.
Updating IP930D Firmware
You can update the firmware for all of the IP930D components associated with a base station system
by using one of these methods:
From ShoreTel IP930D Manager—Reset the base from the Reset Base page. This is the
recommended method. ShoreTel IP930D Manager allows you to see if any devices are in use
before resetting the devices and displays upgrade progress. See Resetting and Factory Clearing
the Base Station on page 56.
From ShoreTel Director—Search for and then update/reboot all of the IP930D handsets from the
Diagnostics & Monitoring page. Be aware that resetting a handset from Director also resets the
hosting base and all other handsets used by that base. Calls in progress will be dropped.
From a registered IP930D handset—Perform a Mute+RESET by pressing the Mute button and
typing the word “RESET” on the handset key pad. Taking this action resets the associated hosting
base station. Other handsets and/or repeaters associated with the same base will reset
automatically if firmware updates are needed. (If you have a multicell system and do not know
which base the handset is associated with, you may want to use an alternate method to update
If you do not start with the base at RPN 0x00, the system will not operate properly.
Power-cycling a handset will not trigger a handset firmware upgrade (if available); only a base
station reboot/reset will trigger the system to check for firmware updates.
Handset and repeater updates are performed over the air and can take between 30 minutes to
3 hours. The Current Status page in ShoreTel IP930D Manager displays upgrade progress for
each component. For more information, see Understanding System Software Upgrades on
page 50.
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