Maintaining Your System Adding a new Base and Handsets
ShoreTel IP Phone 930D Planning and Installation Guide 45
To do this, choose the IPEI for the Region B repeater from the drop-down list under Synchronization
source for the repeater serving Region C on Base4, as shown below.
9. Add new handsets to this new base. In this example, we will add two new handsets. Begin by
making sure you have Base4 selected and then click Add handset in the left pane. A new window
10. Click Add New and then click OK. Enter the IPUI for the new handset in the Handset Properties
11. Repeat the procedure for the 2nd handset.
12. Save the modified configuration using a new file name by choosing File > Save Project As.
13. Print the system configuration by choosing File > Print Installation Summary. Keep this on hand
for future reference.
14. Generate new MAC-specific configuration files by choosing File > Save Configuration Files As.
Save these to the FTP root directory for the system or to a temporary location where you can copy
them to the ftproot directory later.
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